what is Metaverse? And how it will replace the current internet?

Hussnain Fareed
3 min readOct 30, 2021

Facebook has renamed itself to Meta. Meta as for Metaverse is considered as the next version of the Internet (Web 3.0).

The current version of the internet lets us do tons of stuff.

— Online Gaming

— Social Media

— E-commerce

— E-payments

—Blogs, browsing, and much more… But there are limits to it.

The current version of the internet(Web2) only compromises of software. The internet itself is a virtual object. Google, Facebook, Amazon everything is virtual. You cannot touch it or feel it. But web3 has overcome this issue with Metaverse. Let’s understand with an example.

Imagine you’re playing an online game like Fortnite. And you bought clothes for your avatar for $10. The clothes can only be used by your avatar inside the game. You cannot bring those clothes outside of the game. In other words, your money is stuck inside the game.

This is where the Metaverse comes into the picture. With metaverse, you can bring all of your digital assets into real life. Like Gun skins, Avatar clothes, or even the NFTs. Or you can go inside the game yourself as an avatar and use your digital assets But how is it possible?

Metaverse is not a software. It is a whole environment on its own. Just like your cell phone. That is a physical object which operates software inside it. To access the metaverse you need physical devices like Virtual Reality(VR) Headset or Augmented reality(AR) glasses.

Those of you, who don’t know what a VR headset or AR glasses are? Here you go

Metaverse is a technology that connects you to the digital world using these hardware objects. You wear these headsets and magic happens! You enter into the digital world. You can browse FB, Instagram, Twitter, play games, and even do online shopping.

The Gun skin, Avatar clothes, or the NFT you bought. You can show them to your friends using AR glasses with holograms. In some wards this way



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